Nail Care

Manicures and Pedicures are glamour and relaxation rolled into one 40-60 minute session. So when the Bellingham weather starts to take its toll on your nails and cuticles, grab two of your besties and head on down to Zazen Salon Spa in Bellingham for a pampering and rejuvenating manicure or pedicure.

Manicure Services

Hard Gel Repair $20
Acrylic/Hard Gel Removal $25
Travel Manicure $35
Hard Gel Fill $40
Spa Manicure $40
Gel Manicure $40
Hard Gel Extensions $65

Pedicure Services

Travel Pedicure $40
Spa Pedicure $50
Gel Pedicure $60
Shellac Pedicure $60
Sports Pedicure $65

Add On

Gel Add On/Removal $10
Nail Art $10+
Paraffin Dip $15
Polish Refresh $20

What are Hard Gel Extensions?

Hard Gel Nails are nail extensions made using a gel product, hardened by curing under a light. Hard gels are a great way to add length and strength to the nail, and can be applied with "tips" or without. Hard gel is a pre-mixed monomer and requires no toxic fumes or solvents to apply. The finish is strong, shiny, and smooth.

What's Shellac Gel Polish?

Gel polish is CND’s latest nail enhancement product. This polish is applied like a regular polish but does no damage to the nail plate. It is gel based and cured onto the nail plate so it is guaranteed not to chip for a minimum of 2 weeks. This polish is great for weddings or other special occasions where you need your nails to stay looking perfect.

Oh! You know what goes great with a mani/pedi?